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School Kitchen Storeroom Project
The School Kitchen Storeroom Project, made possible through the generous support of the SMEC Foundation and Busbridge Family Benevolent Fund, has brought about significant improvements in multiple areas. Four large storerooms were constructed adjacent to existing kitchens, addressing the critical lack of storage space, and providing a dedicated area for cooking utensils and non-perishable foods. This enhancement has not only improved functionality but also positively impacted the hygiene and food handling practices within the schools.
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Improving access to resilient water supply for the Wom community and public beach, Papua New Guinea
In Wom, over 90 households and all visitors to the public beach now have safe, resilient drinking water. Supported by Busbridge Family Benevolent Fund, the SMEC Foundation helped improve access to WASH services through a pilot community in Wom village and public beach. This development created a blueprint that other districts in Papua New Guinea can utilise to improve WASH services and management.
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Trimmu Barrage Rehabilitation, Pakistan
Trimmu Barrage Rehabilitation
Trimmu Barrage is a major irrigation structure located on the River Chenab in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The main function of the Trimmu Barrage is to regulate the flow of water and to divert water for irrigation purposes.
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Al Noor Orchard, West Marina masterplan, Pakistan
Al Noor Orchard, West Marina master plan, Pakistan
West Marina is modern, master planned community with social, economic, and ecological sustainability at its core. The master plan of West Marina is a one of a kind in Pakistan in terms of providing affordable housing in an iconic business gateway.
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Greater Springfield Buildings in Parkside
Greater Springfield IDEA City Market Validation Study
Greater Springfield is one of Australia’s largest master planned cities, already home to over 52,000 which is set to grow to approximately 100,000 by the end of the decade.
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Thoothukudi International Furniture Park, India
Thoothukudi International Furniture Park
The masterplan for Thoothukudi International Furniture Park covers 465 hectares of evidence-based infrastructure planning. This thriving furniture park will be enabled by diligent phasing, interconnected transport infrastructure and development guidelines benchmarked against international best practice.
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Refinery Plattekloof Interchange N7 Cape Town South Africa
Wingfield Project
The Wingfield Interchange is a key strategic freeway junction, with major infrastructure upgrades set to significantly improve traffic flow along the notoriously congested road network of Cape Town. The project will be a catalyst for job creation, skills improvement and economic growth.
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Chennai Perur 400 MLD Desalination Plant
Chennai Perur 400 MLD Desalination Plant
In 2019, water crisis in Chennai made world news as reservoirs that supply drinking water nearly ran dry. The 400 million litres per day capacity Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant at Perur will be the fourth desalination facility in the city, helping to ease the city’s water deficit.
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School Infrastructure Project – Girls Changing Room
SMEC Foundation partnered with So They Can and the Busbridge Family Benevolent Fund to add new changing rooms for girls attending local government primary schools.
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Borumba Pumped Hydro Energy Scheme
SMEC is engaged by Queensland Hydro as project advisor, managing and supporting the delivery of front-end engineering design and detailed analysis for the proposed Borumba Pumped Hydro Energy Scheme.
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