Kameng Hydropower Station commenced commercial operation in February 2021. SMEC delivered engineering design services, construction supervision and contract administration.

During the construction phase, SMEC undertook extensive layout optimisation to ensure the design was built in accordance with international best practice. Two dams (Bichom 69m and Tenga 25m in height) divert water from the Kameng River to a new powerhouse facility, through an 18km water conductor system.


International expertise and lasting socio-economic impacts


Approximately 70 international engineers were deployed to work alongside their Indian counterparts. Leveraging world class dam, tunneling and hydraulic expertise the team worked in close collaboration to overcome fragile ground conditions and ensure the seamless integration of each different component. SMEC rigorously tested the design, using the latest software to accurately model transient flow for the entire water conductor system.


Kameng HydroPower Station provides 13 percent of its generated power for free, supplying 72MW to the State and 6MW for local area development. The dam’s legacy delivers a clean reliable source of fuel, new skilled employment opportunities and improvement of rural road infrastructure.



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