The Gabiro Agribusiness Hub aims to create a holistic and commercial agricultural ecosystem through developing a modern value chain. This includes advanced water infrastructure, cutting-edge irrigation systems, high-value agro-processing operations and other agricultural technology activities.

Prime Minister of the Government of Rwanda, Dr Edouard Ngirente, visited the site with his delegation on 18 February 2023 as part of a larger tour of projects in the Eastern province.


In partnership with Gabiro Agribusiness Hub (GAH) and contractor Netafim Limited, SMEC was engaged as a consultant. The team is currently supervising construction of Phase 1 of the project, consisting of 5,600 out of a total 16,000 ha. The works include:

  • A water intake structure at the Akagera River including an operational reservoir, seven (7) pumping stations around the scheme, and a concrete-lined water conveying canal which will service multiple block units of arable land
  • A main sedimentation tank capacity of 120,000m3
  • Construction of an internal main access road and site connection roads
  • Set up a demonstration farm for both agriculture and dairy farming
  • Construction of new electric power line
  • Set up of community engagement platforms.
  • Community resettlement modern villages for families living in command areas.

In addition to the construction of modern resettlement villages for the community living in the command area, 30% of the total project area is allocated for community use including intensive livestock and agriculture production, with 70% for private agricultural investment.


During the visit, Chairman of GAH, Dr Uwituze Solange, commented that this project comes with infrastructure that will also help people in surrounding communities.


Phase 1 infrastructure works are expected to be completed by end of June 2023.