Operational readiness is an integral part of our asset and integrity management expertise. SMEC ensures critical activities are planned and executed from the beginning of the asset life cycle through to an efficient, safe and sustainable state of operations and production.

Our expertise

Our operational readiness aligns an organisations physical assets, personnel, processes and digital platforms before project start up.


SMEC understands that operational readiness significantly enhances project success, minimizes risk and provides the best chance for continued operation.


The process ensures an asset is ready to safely start-up its operations on time and perform in accordance with its best of design in a safe, efficient and sustainable capacity.


These services are complemented by our extensive engineering expertise, allowing asset and integrity management solutions to be developed and incorporated at one or every stage of a development’s life cycle.


Operational readiness ensures risks are identified and mitigated early, in addition to minimising the gap between expected and actual performance.



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