As a leading provider of social and environmental science and stakeholder participation services, SMEC offers real-world experience in balancing the competing demands of the community, the environment and a project’s economic costs and benefits to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our expertise

We work with clients to ensure that the full environmental and socio-economic value of a project is realised, and any unwelcome impacts are avoided or minimised. We provide genuine insights which help our clients optimise projects, reduce their social risk profile, and enjoy increased support within the communities that will be affected both directly and indirectly by infrastructure projects.


Our services are supported by effective communication and stakeholder engagement, including mapping, analysis, planning, consultation facilitation, issues and risk management, and reporting.


Our team of specialists are fluent across the full range of statutory frameworks underpinning infrastructure projects and have demonstrated their capacity to meet the ever-evolving expectations of regulatory agencies and the community.



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