Harmonised design that works in balance with the environment

SMEC has delivered climate resilient irrigation schemes, at a national scale, in some of the remotest parts of the world. Across our global network we apply international best practice to plan and control safe and secure water supply.

Our expertise

We assess climatic and geological conditions to ensure irrigation solutions work in balance with existing ecosystems and the environment. Through meticulous assessment of interfacing surface and groundwater sources we design durable water supply systems that maintain water quality and enhance productivity.


SMEC specialises in the design and implementation of best practice irrigation systems of all sizes, using proven and innovative methods to plan, size, optimise, control and prepare detailed designs of pump stations, large and small storage dams, pipe networks and open channel irrigation systems.


Our team has delivered national scale irrigation projects in developed and developing countries – rehabilitating existing systems, developing new infrastructure, and integrating irrigation opportunities into multipurpose renewable energy schemes.


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