Enhancing health infrastructure and wellbeing through urban design

SMEC provides a full range of health management and technical assistance services to deliver innovative healthcare solutions around the world, including health sector reform, primary health care, health promotion, capacity building and systems development. Building a healthcare facility requires strict adherence to regulatory, technical, and economic requirements. At SMEC we carefully assess site constraints and functional needs to design these facilities as a cohesive, flexible, and comfortable space.

Our expertise

Modern hospitals and care facilities are often sprawling precincts with inherent challenges posed by connectivity, infrastructure planning, sustainability, and ongoing maintenance. Our urban community’s team draws on extensive knowledge of the health and care sector to define an urban design solution that fits the infrastructure needs of the facility.


Through our partnerships with health organisations, health departments and universities, we provide services for the planning, design, and delivery of hospitals, primary health care facilities and research clinics.


Across our portfolio we have integrated a range of green and blue infrastructure solutions overlaid with vibrant public spaces, to enhance health and wellbeing.


Whether designing a new health precinct or upgrading and existing facility we leverage our knowledge of healthcare operational requirements to optimise performance and management solutions.


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