The 27th Australia - Fiji Business Forum, held 31 August – 1 September 2023, stands as the premier annual bilateral business gathering between Australian and Fijian businesses and governments.

The Forum provided pertinent information regarding current and potential opportunities in Fiji. Participants were granted unparalleled access to invaluable insights into business prospects in Fiji, while also given the opportunity to forge connections with esteemed policymakers, and senior business figures from both Australia and Fiji.


The Fiji market presents numerous prospects across various sectors, encompassing building and construction, infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, power, water, sewerage, ports, and airports. This event was particularly valuable, following a change of government in Fiji in December 2022, so this presented an opportunity to meet and network with new key stakeholders.


Zahid Iqbal, Regional Manager Pacific said,


“SMEC is currently involved in water and transport infrastructure projects in Fiji, with opportunities to expand into energy, ports, and aviation. The goal is to ultimately establish SMEC as the “go to” firm for client focussed, safe and sustainable engineering solutions across these sectors.


Upcoming projects our team are focusing on are the Kinoya Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Namosi Hydropower Projects. SMEC has operated in Fiji since 1977 and has company registration locally. Our training and employment of local engineers further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to Fiji as an infrastructure development partner. We look forward to continuing to support businesses and communities in Fiji into the future.”