The Anganwadi Project
The Anganwadi Project (TAP) is a Sydney-based NGO that designs and builds 'anganwadis', or pre-schools, in disadvantaged areas of Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, India.

An “anganwadi” means a ‘courtyard shelter’ in India. The system of anganwadis was developed in 1975 by the Indian government to alleviate malnutrition in children. The anganwadis provide meals each day to children under six yars old living in slums, and also provide lessons in health, hygiene and literacy in a nurturing preschool environment. They often become community centers for women and children, contributing programs and services to early childhood education, nutrition and healthcare.


SMEC has had a long history with TAP, having contributed to the construction of an anganwadi in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 2011.


In 2019, the SMEC Foundation funded the construction of Harivillu 2, a rural anganwadi in Ammavaripeta Village, Andhra Pradesh. In addition to funding the construction costs, SMEC’s teams in Bangalore plan to support volunteer architects on the ground with technical and other assistance.


Harivillu 2 anganwadi

Harivillu 2 anganwadi will be located in a village called Ammavaripeta, with a population of approximately 1,500 people.The location was chosen because there are over 35 disadvantaged children attending the small existing anganwadi, which has become overcrowded. Some of the children must walk over one kilometre to attend each day.


Harivillu 2 will accommodate a minimum of 15 children between the ages of two to six from the village. The children will receive nutritious food, pre-school learning, immunisations and on-going medical support. The school will also support women in the village requiring pre and post-natal medical attention.


The important process of community engagement, site analysis and concept design commenced in late 2019. Construction began in early 2020, as volunteer architects work with the community to create the new anganwadi.


“The Anganwadi Project is so grateful to SMEC for their contribution to our latest anganwadi and the impact the donation will make on so many lives in the community of Ammavaripeta,” said Jane Rothschild, Project Director and Co-Founder.


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