Congratulations to Brisbane and Southeast Queensland, the successful host for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games! To host the Olympics and Paralympics is not only a great honour for Queensland but will create a decade of recreation and rejuvenation for Southeast Queensland’s urban and transport infrastructure.

SMEC has contributed to the research and planning behind Brisbane’s successful selection, having delivered the SEQ Council of Mayor’s People Mass Movement Study, which was an important input into the 2032 SEQ Olympic and Paralympic Games Feasibility Study and the SEQ City Deal Proposition – TransformingSEQ.

Jason van Paassen, Manager – Transport Planning, Logistics & Analytics in Brisbane is excited for the next steps. “Bringing the Olympics to Southeast Queensland will help drive the implementation of world-class transport infrastructure, including a mature public transport system that is efficient, reliable and promotes connectivity. Our previous work puts Brisbane in a great position to hit the ground running.”

The urban rejuvenation around existing venues, which will be refurbished to accommodate the games, will change the face of the region. Matt Jordan, State Sector Manager – Urban Communities, is excited about what this will mean for future liveability. “This is a great opportunity for Queensland. The games will provide the catalyst for the evolution of Southeast Queensland’s urban centre and create a strong platform to support healthy communities long after the games. Not only will we get the Olympics and Paralympics, but we will get the facilities to support future generations in adopting an active lifestyle and becoming athletes and Olympians.”

Jonathan Powell, National Manager – Clients and Strategy remembers the first workshop in August 2015 which kicked off this journey for SMEC. “This has been a significant and personal project for many people and I am incredibly proud of SMEC’s journey over the past six years. We are really looking forward to this being the beginning of two decades of growth and economic development across South East Queensland.”

We would like to congratulate the Australian Commonwealth Government, Queensland State Government and the SEQ Council of Mayors, for this achievement. It is the result of outstanding collaboration towards a common goal, which will leave an incredible legacy for the future.