Six students in their third year of civil engineering degrees at the University of Asia Pacific (UAP) have completed internship programs with SMEC in Bangladesh, working on several infrastructure projects in Chattogram and Dhaka.

Each intern was paired with a mentor at their respective project location, who enthusiastically took on the task of preparing the interns for future professional roles.

The interns reflected positively on their experience at SMEC, with one commenting, “My internship experience has helped prepare me for the responsibilities of professional work and improved my work ethic. It also made me want to work for a company like yours [SMEC] in the future.”

Another intern said, “It was useful to gain practical experience in different areas, for example applying academic knowledge to practical fields; observing health and safety guidelines and assisting with or completing tasks assigned by my supervisor wherever possible. I learned about working closely with colleagues to foster professional values and build a good relationship.”

These internships are part of a collaboration agreement between SMEC and UAP, which was formalized in late 2019. The agreement aimed to further SMEC’s active role in collaboration between industry and universities. Dr. Sayeed Ahmed, Executive Director of SMEC’s operations in Bangladesh, was also appointed as a member of the Industrial Advisory Panel of the Department of Civil Engineering, UAP.

Additionally, seven final year students were selected, based on their academic performance, extra-curricular activities and financial hardship circumstances, for the ‘SMEC scholarship’, a financial aid program supported by SMEC.

Along with our parent company Surbana Jurong, SMEC takes an active interest in contributing to the development of the next generation of civil engineers in a country where investment in ongoing infrastructure is essential. Further programs are planned to be rolled out in the coming years in partnership with UAP.

Dr. Farzana Rahman, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at UAP and coordinator of the program, is excited to continue the success of the initiative, saying “I am extremely delighted to be a part of collaboration with SMEC. It has opened a new window of opportunity for UAP students. Our students are getting job experience before graduation which is tremendously valuable for their career. I am looking forward to exploring more ways for our students to benefit.”